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Resort Facilities

Our staff do their best to accommodate your needs, but Good Times resort is specifically designed as down-to-earth experience suitable for this island’s character. The villas are spacious and settled in lovely tropical gardens , but we do not offer five star services, such as room service or satellite television (but we do have a big choice of DVD’s). Instead, we offer you tranquil, stylish family accommodations in well appointed villas with gorgeous gardens, lovely views, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Swimming Pool

 The beautiful pool always invites you for a relaxing stay. It is situated right in our tropical garden and offers you sun beds and also some shady places.

Thai Massage

Besides the traditional Thai massage, we offer oil massages and aroma therapy massages. Quick relaxation is guaranteed by a foot massage or a neck-and-shoulder massage. Guests can choose where to enjoy the Thai massage —at the tropical pool or in our spa room, or even in the privacy of your own villa. Traditional Thai massage is healthy and stretches your body. Some people think it is painful and prefer an oil-massage or foot-massage, but we would like you to try a Thai massage at least once while you are in Thailand.

Examples from our price list:

  • Head and Shoulder Massage, 60 min: 350 Baht
  • Foot massage, 45 min: 350 Baht
  • Thai Massage, 60 min: 350 Baht
  • Aroma therapy, 60 min: 500 Baht
  • Oil massage, 60 min: 500 Baht

Tropical Garden

All the accommodations in Good Time Resort are situated in the beautiful lush tropical garden. Almost as big as a park, you can walk along the property and discover tropical and exotic plants and palms. The garden is a place of rest, peace and tranquility. Walking trough the garden in the morning will help set a good mood to start your day.


Good Time Resort is all about being family friendly. The Good Time Resort has two little playgrounds for kids and also a range of toys you can borrow for your little ones. If you need something else for your kids, please let us know.

Library & Internet Wifi

 Fancy a read? We have a small library available. This little library has nice books (international) to complete your lazy days on the island. Here you can also borrow international DVDs or keep in contact with your left-behinds via internet. Our guests can use for free our WIFI at public areas or our computer in the library. If you really need internet access during your holiday, we can arrange GPRS-sticks for you. Please let us know a week in advance. The price is about 350 Baht per day (unlimited).

Travel Assistance

Here you are welcome to ask us for help about your future travelling plans. We can assist you with the transfer to other islands, back to Bangkok and also book your hotel at your next destination.