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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is list of question that we get asked a lot:

1. Is there a clinic or a doctor on the island? What can we do in an emergency case?

There is a small health-center on the island, where a nurse can take care of minor injuries – you can get antibiotics there and other common medicine. In Trat there is a branch of the Bangkok Hospital, this hospital is equipped with all modern equipment and has a very good reputation.

2. How will the weather be in Koh Mak?

Generally it’s dry from November to May, with the coolest and most pleasant weather during the popular Christmas period, then getting increasingly hot. Rains come down from June to October, bringing humidity, plenty of balmy days, but considered the low season.
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3.  Are there any poisonous animals on the island?

There are some snakes, scorpions and spiders, but none of them ever killed or harmed a tourist seriously. Most of the time you will not see any of them.

4. Are there mini-markets, where I can buy drinks, snacks, cosmetics etc…..?

Yes, all over the island – especially in the center of Koh Mak you will find a lot of small shops, which provides fresh food, beverages, cosmetic articles, cloths, medicine and last but not least ice-cream.

5. Is it possible to arrange my way back to the mainland on Koh Mak?

Yes, all resorts are able to help you with organisation of your transfer back to the mainland and to your next destination.

6. Are there various kind of restaurants on the island?

There are a lot of choices all over the island and each resort has his own restaurant or BBQ-place as well.

7. How can we explore the island: motorbike rental, push-bike rental, public taxi?

Resorts and shops rent out motorbikes, bicycles and golf cars and a public taxi is available any time.

8. Is there a bank or an ATM on the island ?

No. The next bank and ATM is on Koh Chang. Please bring Thai-Baht with you. Only in emergency you may pay in Euros or US Dollars. At the Good Time Resort you can pay your bill with Credit-Card (Visa, Master and Amex).

Important things to take to the island:

  • torch
  • small candles (like tealights)
  • lighter
  • sun lotion
  • repellent
  • fenistil
  • hat
  • flip-flops